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Serving residents of Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and their surrounding areas for 30 years

A Message from Patrick

Patrick Bailey, President, Baicorp Financial Inc.

In this service-based industry, I believe what separates a good company from an exceptional company is integrity. At Baicorp, integrity drives each and every action that we take on behalf of our clients.

We strive to consistently provide added valued to our clients, combining our experience and knowledge with genuine concern about their business. In return, we enjoy the strength of our long-term relationships with our clients.

All of Baicorp’s clients experience our dedication to personalized service and innovative solutions, and we appreciate the trust they place in us. Hand in hand, we’re able to successfully support employees, managers, shareholders and ultimately, the needs to the business.

We look forward to providing your company with that same care to ensure that you not only meet your corporate goals, but also exceed them.




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How we can help you:

Save time, money and provide a solid investment
Make you more competitive and attract and retain more talent

Increase employee engagement and retention

Positively impact the health and productivity of your team
Provide a sustainable, controllable framework for the future
Help lower absenteeism
Be a powerful part of your culture and reflect your organization’s vision, values and goals


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