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Reduce your human management struggle with  HR Solutions services that give you access to expertise and advice in how to resolve employee challenges.

Established as a Human Resource Management and Solutions consulting agency, Baicorp has been serving companies both locally and worldwide.We understand that people management can be a challenging task in your organization. That’s why we provide you with immediate and strategic solutions.


What better way to do that than using Baicorp’s customized HR solutions?

We are continually working with new methodologies to make your human resource and people management tasks simpler, more reliable, and easier for your business. With our cutting-edge solutions and advanced methods,  Baicorp has the most efficient and effective HR management and information solutions to cater towards your needs.


A Secure and Trustworthy HR Solution

Our HR management and information systems platform not only enables you to get instant access to all of the employee data in one place but also helps to automate the entire procedure of HR management by optimizing it to the maximum extent.

  • Answering the queries of employees.

  • Onboarding new hires and ensuring their first day goes smoothly

  • Keeping employees updated on the latest news and changes in your company’s workflow.

Keeping this in mind, a smarter HR solution becomes a necessity for the management and productivity of your company. We hold consultations with you and assess your needs – whether you are a large enterprise or small business to save you both time and money.

In addition, we understand the need for improving communication amongst administration and staff. Baicorp goes the extra mile to ensure a streamlined communication system ensuring both yourself and employees have access to the latest updates. This ensures a friendly work environment which ultimately, boosts the company’s morale.


Distinctive Tools to help you keep track of your employees in a much effective manner:


Payroll Management

Increase your company’s morale by implementing an efficient system that helps streamline and centralize the payroll system. Whether you want to integrate your existing payroll system or use our own.


Benefits Administration

Integrate with your insurance carriers and streamline the benefits qualification process


Time off and Attendance

A fast, easy and simpler way of keeping track of the attendance, leaves and paid holidays of your employees.


Employee Data

Ensure employee’s information are safe and secure by having full control access in a centralized place lowering compliance risk.


Appraisals and Insights

Simple-to-use solution that increases appraisal completion rates and reduces inefficiencies by aligning employee goals and competencies to corporate objectives.



Target the best talent.



Smooth integration of your new hire’s  journey from the first time they receive a job offer to the first week on the job


Applicant Tracking

Hiring made easy. Job descriptions, resumes all kept in one location – helping recruiters and hiring managers stay organized



Reduce turnover rates and boost employee engagement by providing competitive compensation benefits

Why Baicorp ?

Growing your business should be your number one priority. We free up your paperwork and give you the time you need to focus on your most valuable asset – your people.

Why Baicorp ?

Provide your business with top of the line, leading edge HR solutions services

Why Baicorp ?

We equip your business with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to address all your HR needs


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