Keep your employees happy.
Reduce your overhead.

Stop investing in generic benefit plans that don’t work. Make your company the best possible workplace. With affordable total compensation programs that are more effective than salary raises. So you get real results. Like having happy employees and great hiring prospects.
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Improve your company's benefit plans & coverage options and create a happy and efficient workplace.

Keep your employees satisfied. Get cost-effective solutions that increase workplace wellbeing, boost attendance and productivity, and reduce your overhead. So you can grow your business. Attract top talent. And more.
As an Insurance Broker, we work to get you the best possible rates and coverage. Schedule a call with an advisor today.
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Help your organization grow with customized compensation plans.

Attract and retain valuable employees with customized compensation plans. We work with you to identify your team's needs and find the best benefit options. We examine your company's goals, demographics, culture, and budget to design compensation plans that will help drive your team's satisfaction through the roof.

Improve your team's coverage with best-in-class benefits options

Offer your employees the benefit options they want but no single provider has. We combine the best insurance products from multiple providers to create hybrid benefit plans. Mix and match the most popular coverage options on the market to keep your team happy and your costs low.

Gain control of your compensation programs and reduce your overhead with our white glove service

Gain total control of your compensation programs. Our white glove service provides a high-touch approach that ensures your employees get the coverage they need while keeping your costs down.
We meet regularly with your executive team, evaluate and maintain your solution, deliver educational content to your team, and send emails informing your employees of the latest company news and launches. Baicorp is truly a partner you can trust knowing everything is under control.
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Keep your employees happy with benefit options tailored to your business

Keep your employees happy and attract top talent with affordable total compensation programs that are more effective than salary raises. Contact Baicorp today and find out what we can do to help you grow your business.
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