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Grow With Affordable Compensation Plans

As a business owner or executive, your job is to build a profitable company. Our job is to help you attract, retain and protect valuable employees using affordable compensation plans that are tailored to your needs.
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Built To Represent Your Interests

Access savings that do not disappear after the first renewal. Save money year over year with Baicorp’s high-touch solution.

Find the best coverage for your team. Combine best-in-class insurance products from different providers for a fraction of the price, with a single benefit plan, one enrollment form, and a single bill.

Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Create comprehensive policies that keep your team happy while reducing your overhead. Our high-touch approach ensures that your employees get the coverage they need without straining your budget.

Our team meets regularly with your executives to evaluate and maintain your solution, and we also help deploy the programs internally. We help with employee adoption through educational content and presentations, so you can rest easy knowing that your team is in good hands.

Grow Your Business With a Proven Process

During the discovery phase, we examine your company’s goals, demographics, culture, and expenses in order to create a sustainable plan that covers all your needs.
Once we know what would keep you and your employees happy, we select different products and tailor them to your company.
We work with you to deploy and implement the solutions you chose. So you can rest easy knowing that everything is going according to plan.
Support & Cost-Containment
Our job is not over on deployment. We may regularly meet up with your team to update your solutions and keep your costs down.

A Message From
Our Founder

All of Baicorp’s clients experience our dedication to personalized service and innovative solutions, and we appreciate the trust they place in us. Hand in hand, we’re able to successfully support employees, managers, shareholders and ultimately, the needs of the business.

We look forward to providing your company with that same care to ensure that you not only meet your corporate goals, but also exceed them.
baicorp founder

Build a profitable company with Baicorp. Attract and retain valuable employees with compensation plans that are more effective than salary raises. All while keeping your costs down.

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