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BAICORP offers Disability insurance.

Unemployment insurance can cover you up to 3 weeks. Disability insurance works when you can’t. If you are unable to work, whether due to injury or illness; disability insurance gives you the monthly  income you need to help cover some of your expenses. It also make the transition back to work smoother. It protects not only your current income but also your retirement income. We here at Baicorp not only address today’s worries but help protect tomorrow’s future.

Benefits include:

More Flexibility and Control

Your plan could include a vast range of benefits and premium options that suit your lifestyle, occupation and income level.


Fills in the gaps

Government owned penison plans such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are very limited in how they can help you and much more restrictive


With you no matter where you go

You can leave your jobs with no worries. WIth an indivdual plan, the plan goes with you not the job.

A customized plan with you in mind will provide you with guaranteed coverage and premiums catered to you

Let us help you create the best benefits program for you, including:


Long Term Disability

Available for individual and some group plans. It covers you from 120th day to age of retirement.

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Short Term Disability

Offered by some employers as a group benefit. It usually only covers you for the first 120 days of a disability.

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