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Life Insurance

BAICORP offers Life insurance.

If you passed away today, can you confidently say that you and your family will be financially secure? Life insurance is  one of the best ways to financially protect your family and your assets.

Benefits :

Cover funeral costs

Helps pay off debts or cover final expenses such as funeral costs


Tax-free cash

A tax-free cash payment to your named beneficiaries in the event you passed on.


Estate planning

Provide cash for estate planning purposes, such as covering taxes or donating to a charity.

A customized plan with you in mind will provide you with guaranteed coverage and premiums catered to you

Let us help you create the best benefits plan for you, including:

Term Life

The most common type of insurance that can meet most of your insurance needs. It provides coverage over a specific period of time.

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Permanent Life

Permanent insurance provides guaranteed coverage for life. It is best suited for longterm planning needs such as for your estate or your retirement.

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