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Group Benefits

Attract and retain the best talent with a well designed benefits program that  is the perfect fit for you

Investing in an employee benefits plan acts as a tool for your employees to lead a stress- free life, beyond any financial difficulties.  Therefore, giving an edge to your company by attracting and retaining more talented professionals in your industry. With Baicorp’s group insurance plans, all this can be achieved in a much easier,simpler and affordable way.

Whether you are struggling to find the right employee benefits plan or shopping around for the best rates, at Baicorp, we want to save you time by administering a benefits plan that is strategically designed for your business. We cater to both small, mid range businesses as well as large enterprises – no matter the service your business provides. Baicorp helps you to find the most reliable solutions.


We offer:

  • Customizable benefits plan according to your budget, size and needs

  • Rapid set-up for your employees – onboarding presentations and enrollment sessions

  • Simple, easily manageable, and straightforward administration.

  • Fast and efficient claim processes

  • Transparent online methodologies

The Baicorp Approach




We conduct research and market analysis to see what’s working for you and your employees, ensuring your company is competitive as well as retaining and attracting the best talent.  It is very important that the right questions get asked so that the right solutions can get presented.






With our inhouse team of professionals, covering various facets of total compensation and rewards, we work with you in aligning a strategy that will fit not only today but most importantly tomorrow. Sometimes this can involve creating unique contracts and agreements to meet budgetary and long-term objectives.



Based on your philosophy and agreement with recommendations made in the analysis, we process to move forward into the implementation stage.

We pride ourselves on having a smooth transition and making this process easier for you. Ensuring your objectives are communicated in the appropriate manner to ensure goals are achieved. Implementation is one of the most under-utilized and powerful tools to extract the most value out of a decision.



We provide on-going management of your benefit program.We meet with you and your employees on scheduled basis as well as send you updates. In addition, we provide to you an analysis and negotiation of renewal as well as provide advice regarding developments, programs and legislation. At Baicorp, we take care of all the hassles while still keeping you in the loop which is why we have some of the highest client retention rates in the industry.


Let us help you create the best comprehensive benefits program for you and your business, including:



The provincial healthcare plan does not cover all your health related expenses such as prescription drugs, major medical, paramedical and vision care. We provide you with a variety of coverage options and assist you with designing a plan that is right for your business. 

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Dental Care

Oral hygiene is good for your overall health. Dental Care gives you flexible coverage, you decide how much to invest in basic dental care, periodontics/endodontics, major restorative and orthodontic services for your employees.

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Life & Accident

In the event of a death, you want to provide employees with the financial security they need when the unexpected happens. We help you design a cost effective plan that ensures your employees’ protection.

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Critical Illness

Is your family protected in the event of a tragic accident or premature death? Provide your employees with a financial safety net for themselves and their family.

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Disability is an unpredictable event, and in the event of a disability; your capacity to make a living could be severely restricted.We have designed a plan to help aid in the financial and physical recovery of your injured employee. We will help you navigate the various coverage options available as well as decipher plan restrictions, payment schedules, and compensation requirements. 

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 and much more…


Need a more flexible solution?


We understand that there is no one size fits all solution. That is why we consult with you first to meet your immediate needs.

Third Party Administration

Too often, employers opt for a traditional approach when choosing how their employee benefits are administered. They repeat the one-carrier solution. We work alongside our sister company, Baitrak, to provide one point of contact for inquiries and issues, regardless of the number of benefit carriers utilized.


Health Care Spending Accounts

With a diverse workforce, you have employees at different life stages who have different health needs and priorities. Thus, creating a plan that satisfies everyone can be challenging. A health care spending account (HCSA) is perfect for a small to medium sized businesses looking for innovative cost containment features in their employee benefits plan.


Administrative Service Only ( ASO) agreements

For companies as small as 10 employees or as large as 50, if you have your own employee benefits plan but need someone to administer the plan and take care of the tedious administrative tasks of processing claims, ASO is for you. 


Not sure where to start?

Connect with an advisor to learn more about the solutions that are right for you.

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